Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Repair

Adding a 4th “R” for in time for America Recycles Day.

1. Recycling
Paper is the easiest material to start with is paper. Simply collect the paper into a container. Keeping the container near the spot where the mail is opened or your office works the best. Then you can use the service that your community provides or better yet donate your paper to an organization in your community that is using the funds for their programs. Visit www.specycling.com and put in your zip code to find locations that have a paper recycling fundraiser bin.

2. Reduce
Look at what is being purchased and brought into your house especially the type of packaging etc. Easy steps can be done by buying in bulk. Take the pledge to resist the urge to buy the new gadgets, styles, vehicles if you have ones that are still working properly. Make a conscious effort to support manufacturers that reduce packaging and have a developed plan to use sustainable resources. Host a share party for clothing that your children have outgrown. Not only will you be gaining clothes at no cost but you will be helping others on tight budgets as well. And the best part is there is no packaging to discard of.

3. Reuse
Visit reuse centers in your community where you can get items for free. Turn discarded goods into home decor items. For ideas visit websites like Earth911.org or upcyclemagazine.com where you will find ideas to turn pallets into bike racks, crochet rugs from rags or plastic bags and dozens of ways to reuse cds. Share your creative ideas and start a movement that looks at trash differently. The environment will thank you.

4. Repair
There is a 4th “R” being added to the list and many forward thinking communities are already holding repair fairs where you can bring bicycles, appliances etc and get them maintained and repaired for little to no cost. This will keep so many electronic items from the landfills and save countless money on buying new items when repairs are cheaper and easier.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repair
Start today and make a difference for America Recycles Day!

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